Work Packages Preparation

Benchmarking of successful initiatives in partner and programme countries to fine tune the training programme.

This work package is focused mainly on contrasting existing initiatives and working methods between HEI and VET organisations in partner and programme countries. The purpose is to benchmark those initiatives and methods that have demonstrated to be successful to train professionals and increase employability for the stone sector. The benchmarking process will focus on:

a) working methods and advanced techniques;

b) key competences needed by the industry at all levels of the value chain;

c) specific features of the industry in the partner countries, including technological machinery issues and marketing issues.

The outputs of the bench-marking process will feed the development of the contents of the different courses to be implemented in BKSTONE project and to serve as a valuable input to raise capacities in the HEIs of Western Balkans.

Furthermore, the outputs of this work package are expected to have a positive impact on the strategy for fostering relationship between HEIs and the stone industry of the partner countries.